Alberta Health Care Aide


1.1 Program Purpose

The Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Provincial Curriculum will prepare students to work in varied care settings.  The students will acquire knowledge and expertise to assist in meeting the individual needs while preserving the client’s independence.

The Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Provincial Curriculum demonstrates its concepts as follows:

1.1.1  Each client is unique and is treated with dignity and respect based on their individuality, beliefs and diversity;

1.1.2  By following legal guidelines and agency policies and procedures, the program endorses safe, proficient and quality care of all persons in care;

1.1.3  By promoting wellness, by focusing on each client’s individual capabilities and by supporting clients to function at their personal optimal level, the curriculum assists in preserving a client’s independence;

1.1.4  A positive attitude and effective communication with supervisors, co-workers, clients and families contribute to quality care.


1.2  Program Outline


Term 1

(16 weeks)

1 Health Care Aide Role and Responsibility 3
2 The Human Body, Health, and Chronic Illness 3
3 Communication and Documentation in the Health Care Environment  


4 Providing Person-Centred Care and Comfort 5
5 Clinical Placement 1 3

Term 2

(16 weeks)

6 Meeting Complex Care Needs 5
7 Special Activities for Clients with Various Health Conditions  


8 Clinical Placement 2 (Instructor-Led) 5
9 Consolidated Clinical Placement 3
T  O  T  A  L 36


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