Medical Office Assistant / Unit Clerk / Medical Transcriptionist

2. 1 Diploma Program Overview

This program is a Designated Learning Program and eligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit

Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk/Medical Transcriptionist works with doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical or surgical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, government health agencies and a variety of other medical office settings.

They are integral members of the health care delivery team and perform many administrative and some basic clinical procedures.  The Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk/Medical Transcriptionist primary duties may require them to –

2.1.1  collaborate with all members of the health care team;

2.1.2  promote safety, work in a safe manner, practice universal precautions and maintain a clean working environment;

2.1.3  schedule and confirm medical/surgical appointments, receive and communicate messages for doctors and patients;

2.1.4  type medical records, reports, case history and correspondence from handwritten notes and machine dictation;

2.1.5  interview patients to complete forms, documents and case histories;

2.1.6  complete insurance and other job claim forms;

2.1.7  initiate and maintain confidential medical files and records;

2.1.8  prepare financial statements and handle billing procedures;

2.1.9  plan and initiate procedural set up including those required for patient preparation and maintenance of supplies and equipment;

2.1.10  assist with simple diagnostic procedures as required; and,

2.1.11  perform other general office work as required.

2.2  Program Outline


1.       Duties and Responsibilities of Medical Office Assistant, Health Unit Clerk and Medical Transcriptionist 30 2
2.       Human Anatomy and Physiology 90 6
3.       Medical Terminology 60 4
4.       Medical Documentation 50 3
5.       Admission/Discharge/Transfer 20 1
6.       Scheduling and Medical Billing 80 5
7.       Medical Transcription 80 5
8.       Hospital and Medical Office Skills and Procedures 40 2.5
9.       Basic Office Computer Skills 40 2.5
10.   Medical Laboratory 60 4
11.   Clinical Practicum (Medical Office/Clinic & Hospital Unit) 320 10
TOTAL 870 45


Admission Requirements

  • Completion of Grade 12 or equivalent
  • English 12 (B) and English Proficiency—Students must take IELTS,TOEFL, CELBAN or Benchmark (If they are high school graduates from outside Canada and English is their second language)
  • Biology (Grade 12 equivalent)

Additional Requirements:

  • Computer Skills/Knowledge of Windows Operating System, MS Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer
  • Letter of intent; 300-word essay detailing interest in the program and the field

Pre-Clinical Requirements:

  • Updated Immunization (TB-testing and etc) Records
  • Updated First Aid Certification (Min.Level: HCP-CPR-AED)
  • Up to date Criminal record (police Clearance Vulnerable Clearance Sector)

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Medical Office Assistant program can find employment in general/family practices, dental offices, medical specialists’ offices, clinics, chiropractor/physiotherapy / podiatrist practices, diagnostic imaging clinics, senior/nursing homes and various hospital department. Medical Office Assistants are an important part of the health care system delivering administrative and basic clinical services. Relevant positions include:

  • Medical/Dental Receptionist
  • Medical/Health Office Assistant
  • Medical/Health Office Manager
  • Dental Office Assistant
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Hospital Patient Registration Clerk
  • Ward Clerk
  • Medical Billing Clerk / Secretary
  • Administrator in Government Health Agencies

Medical Office Assistants

According to the 2015 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Albertans in this occupational group earned on average $24.00 to $29.88 an hour. The overall average was $27.92 an hour.

Average Hours Worked (per week) 36.6
Overall Average Wage (per hour) $27.92
Overall Average Salary (annual)*, Alberta
*rounded to the nearest dollar

Why MTG Healthcare Academy?

  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Internship
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Flexible Class start dates
  • Financial Aid available to those who qualify
  • Small class size
  • Stress-free and fun institutional learning environment
  • Highly qualified and motivational instructors

The Diploma Program

The Program consists of 32 weeks with a total number of 870 hours both Theory and Skills or Practicum. It also provides with relevant administrative and high-level technological skills to meet the demands of the current and emerging health care system.

The modes of delivery provide reinforcement and logical progression through basic to advanced and specialized skills level. Workplace simulations assists these students in transferring the learned core competencies to the work environment.

Evaluation and Grading System

Evaluation methods will be graded base on the core competencies that includes classroom instruction and participation, seminar, research work, assignments, seat work and performance in the practical area. It is a condition of approval that a student must be informed of the results of an evaluation of their progress in the program. Students are given 2 attempts to retake the exam or test.

Grading Criteria

Theory 40% Attendance, Assignments and Projects – 20%
Tests and Quizzes – 40%
Final Examinations – 40%
Practicum 60% Attendance / Assignments – 10%
Research – 30%
Performance / Exams – 60%

Passing mark for Theory and Practicum is 70% General Weighted Average (GWA)

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