International Students

Academic Policy

Academic Conduct:

MTG Healthcare Academy is an institution for adult learning. Students are therefore expected to conduct themselves in a mature way that does not distract from or disrupt the educational pursuits of others.

Students are expected to uphold a courteous and respectful attitude in class. The use of offensive commentary or body language about the course, the instructor or fellow students are considered undesirable behaviors.

Students are expected to come to class on time, well prepared and be in class the entire class time. However, in emergency circumstances, the need to leave early should be explained to the instructor before the start of the class.

Students are not permitted to bring unregistered friends or children to class.

All cellphones are turned off upon entering the classroom.


Attendance and punctuality requirements depends on each school, as well as the consequences for not complying with those requirements, for students enrolled in courses and/or programs within that school. These requirements and consequences may vary from program to program within a school, and from course to course within a program. A school may also establish additional attendance requirements for programs to comply with external program accreditation and/or sponsorship requirements.

Grading Policy

MTG Healthcare Academy’s grading system includes the theory and skills. Theory is 40% and Skills is 60% to come up with 100%. Scores on the examinations are set in a percentage.

Practicum Policy

There is a direct correlation between attendance and course performance. Practicum is not in class, they will not learn the material, their instructors cannot evaluate their skills laboratory, and their exam marks will reflect that fact. Practicums are required to punctually attend all clinical exposure and other activities. Student must contact the school if they are unable to attend the class or practicum.

A student who is not performing well academically and fails to maintain the required academic standing of letter grade B- (2.7 grade point value) in three (3) consecutive courses, misses five (5) consecutive classes without notice, violates safety regulations, interferes with other students work, is disruptive, obscene under the influence of alcohol and drugs, or do not make timely tuition payments, is subject to immediate termination and refunds will apply.

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

MTG Healthcare Academy’s international student withdrawal/refund policy strictly follows with the ministry of Innovation and Advance Education instruction and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) guidelines. Applicants and students who have landed in Canada and received a Canadian study permit based on a valid offer letter from MTG Healthcare Academy are subject to this policy.

To be eligible for a refund the student must submit an official written notice by completing/signing a withdrawal/refund request form on or before the deadline date.

Complaint & Dispute Resolution Policy

Students can file a complaint addressed to the school administrator and will be acted upon within 10 (ten) business days depending on the degree of the complaint. Before conflict or dispute occurs, students are encouraged to seek resolution informally. If a conflict occurs MTG will follow a strict process:

  1. Speak with your instructor when a conflict arises.
  2. Fill out a complaint form and address the issue to the school administrator.
  3. If the conflict is not resolved at this point, speak to the board of directors.