As a student of MTG Healthcare Academy, we provide a safe, secure and welcoming homestay family and homestay environment for you to reside.  The following describe our host families as essential contributors and partners in the visitor’s experience in Canada:

  • Host families should establish and communicate behavior standards, house rules and curfew.
  • Host families are expected to provide reasonable protection and safety for the student and act as a reasonably prudent host parent.
  • Each family hosts a maximum of two (2) students at one time. Only one student of each nationality and must be of the same gender.
  • Ensure that plans for family holidays as well as the travel costs are discussed thoroughly with the students and their parents for expense sharing. If the international students opt not to join the activity, the Homestay Coordinator must be notified no longer than 24 hours so that an alternate responsible adult is arranged.
  • Host families are responsible for all home damage. MTG Healthcare Academy is willing to mediate if cases arise but takes no responsibility for the damage incurred.
  • Host families provide an English-speaking environment for the students. Only English must be spoken while the student is present.
  • Host families provide board and lodging for the MTG Healthcare Academy international students. Fees shall be collected by the school and a cheque is issued to the host family every second week of the month.
  • Full board rate is $750/four weeks or $175/week that includes three (3) meals per day (Monday – Sunday) with light snacks during Saturdays and Sundays;
  • Half board rate is $650/four weeks or $162/week that includes breakfast and dinner only with light snacks on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Host families provide a suitable home and private bedroom (not shared room) like single bed, table, lamp, closet or dresser.
  • If a student reports that there are problems in the home involving the use of alcohol, drug abuse, sexual impropriety, inappropriate conduct or abusive language or behavior – the students will be moved out from the home without notice and legal action is considered.
  • Host families are required to give full refund to the student for any paid weeks remaining after the two-week notice period.
  • If students take a holiday for one week or more, the students do not have to pay the homestay fee and they are required to remove their belongings from their room.
  • Host families provide access to laundry facilities; students are not expected to pay for laundry soap; if host family is doing the laundry, no extra cost shall be charged to the student.
  • Host families ensure that international students are not required to
  • Host families will provide necessary information for all members of the household (18 years old and above) for obtaining security check/clearance which is renewable every two (2) years. This information is strictly confidential and will only be used to determine application suitability in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).
  • Host families must secure and keep any information provided by MTG Healthcare Academy including student’s family information, academic transcript of records, student attendance list, and used these confidential pieces of information in the performance of duties as host family only.
  • Host families should never disclose, communicate, publish, copy, interfere with, alter or destroy any information without authority to do so by MTG Healthcare Academy.