The Student Services Program of the MTG Healthcare Academy is administered and supervised by the Academic Director in coordination with all the units of the Academy.  Specifically, the Student Services Program seeks to –

  • promote the welfare of the MTG Healthcare Academy students by
  • providing relevant and adequate services that respond to their varied needs such as:
  • individualized academic monitoring devise particularly to students who have poor academic standing; and,
  • financial counselling to students who hardly can accomplish course requirements for logistics reason.
  • Assist students in decision making process and the development and refinement of their intrapersonal, interpersonal and social relations.

The Academy’s Student Services Program  include:

providing a full day orientation wherein a previous student will act as help and guide to new international students. The guide will tour the new students around the campus and share about the Academy’s culture and traditions as well as community involvement opportunities.

providing English tutoring (Lunch English Class to students as recommended by Instructors), success coaching, job search preparation, interview skills enhancement practice, resume and cover letter writing session

providing in service training on relevant health care aid certifications, time management workshop, career counselling conducted by experts from the Calgary Immigration Women Association (CIWA)

providing first aid treatment, access to the use of the MTG transport vehicle

providing volunteering opportunities with the different partnering institutions/organizations like CIWA, Covenant Care, Mustard Seed, Drop In-Centre, Inn from the Cold, Calgary Food Bank, The Kitchen, The Thrift Store, Edmonton Food Bank

picking up the student from the airport upon arrival and dropping off the same at the airport upon departure (transport fees for pick up and drop off  are collected0; providing bus/c-train orientation before the first day of class


Academic advising is an avenue to assist students to complete their programs of study within the prescribed length of time.  Specifically, it helps prevents academic deficiencies such as failing grades, incomplete grades and the inability to take and pass the clinical practicum and other courses required in the program of study the student is enrolled in.

  • A Program Coordinator may act as student’s academic adviser;
  • Every academic adviser must extend utmost assistance and guidance to his/her advisees to help them complete their course at MTG Healthcare Academy;
  • Keep a logbook for academic advising indicating the date, brief description of problem/need and action taken;
  • Determine the academic strengths and weaknesses of advisees and refer advisees with personal problems to the Academic Director;
  • The Academic Director sees to it that academic advising is properly carried out in each department/campus.


Bulletin boards located throughout the school facilities provide information about school policies/regulations’ revisions/updates, submission deadlines, announcements of upcoming school events, trainings, workshops or conferences.


We will assist our international students for health care insurance. If you are staying in Canada for more than twelve (12) months, you are eligible for Alberta Health Care Insurance Program (AHCIP).  Check the requirements on line at http://www.health.alberta.ca/AHCIP/temporary-residents.html.  You may register for AHCIP online by following this link http://www.health.alberta.ca/AHCIP/forms.html or at an authorized registry agent location. For list of authorized registry agents location, look at the link provided: http://www.health.alberta.ca/AHCIP/registry-agent-list.html.


As a student of MTG Healthcare Academy, we provide a safe, secure and welcoming homestay family and homestay environment for you to reside.  The following describe our host families as essential contributors and partners in the visitor’s experience in Canada:

  • Host families should establish and communicate behavior standards, house rules and curfew.
  • Host families are expected to provide reasonable protection and safety for the student and act as a reasonably prudent host parent.
  • Each family hosts a maximum of two (2) students at one time. Only one student of each nationality and must be of the same gender.
  • Ensure that plans for family holidays as well as the travel costs are discussed thoroughly with the students and their parents for expense sharing. If the international students opt not to join the activity, the Homestay Coordinator must be notified no longer than 24 hours so that an alternate responsible adult is arranged.
  • Host families are responsible for all home damage. MTG Healthcare Academy is willing to mediate if cases arise but takes no responsibility for the damage incurred.
  • Host families provide an English-speaking environment for the students. Only English must be spoken while the student is present.
  • Host families provide board and lodging for the MTG Healthcare Academy international students. Fees shall be collected by the school and a cheque is issued to the host family every second week of the month.
  • Full board rate is $750/four weeks or $175/week that includes three (3) meals per day (Monday – Sunday) with light snacks during Saturdays and Sundays;
  • Half board rate is $650/four weeks or $162/week that includes breakfast and dinner only with light snacks on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Host families provide a suitable home and private bedroom (not shared room) like single bed, table, lamp, closet or dresser.
  • If a student reports that there are problems in the home involving the use of alcohol, drug abuse, sexual impropriety, inappropriate conduct or abusive language or behavior – the students will be moved out from the home without notice and legal action is considered.
  • Host families are required to give full refund to the student for any paid weeks remaining after the two-week notice period.
  • If students take a holiday for one week or more, the students do not have to pay the homestay fee and they are required to remove their belongings from their room.
  • Host families provide access to laundry facilities; students are not expected to pay for laundry soap; if host family is doing the laundry, no extra cost shall be charged to the student.
  • Host families ensure that international students are not required to
  • Host families will provide necessary information for all members of the household (18 years old and above) for obtaining security check/clearance which is renewable every two (2) years. This information is strictly confidential and will only be used to determine application suitability in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).
  • Host families must secure and keep any information provided by MTG Healthcare Academy including student’s family information, academic transcript of records, student attendance list, and used these confidential pieces of information in the performance of duties as host family only.
  • Host families should never disclose, communicate, publish, copy, interfere with, alter or destroy any information without authority to do so by MTG Healthcare Academy.


The international students of MTG Healthcare Academy is given an educational cross-cultural trip around their prospective city (Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer) and to Banff or Lake Louise.  They will also be oriented on history and government of Canada.  International students will have an opportunity to collaborate with Canadian students during community services.


Every bank has its own features and services. We do not have a specific bank to recommend.  We help you peruse different banks in the city and know their banking services that will suit your needs as an international student.


Visa information are available and inquiries are addressed to this website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/ENGLISH/study/index.asp


International students can work in Canada for only a certain number of hours.  We will guide you in applying for a part time job.  The MTG Healthcare Academy’s Resume-Making Workshop will help you on preparing a presentable resume for your work application.


The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need in order to work in Canada and to have access to government programs and benefits.  We will guide you on how to apply for a social insurance number.  For list of requirements visit: https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/sin/before-applying.html.


MTG Healthcare Academy has an accessible library for our students.  If our resources are not enough to our clients, we recommend them to apply for the city’s Library Card.  To apply for a library card, students must go to a library or apply online at https://calgarylibrary.ca/volunteer-application-form/. If you reside in Calgary, you can apply for a library card.