MTG Childcare Academy prohibits the release of academic records without the written consent of the student.  The release of personal information and academic records of students and alumni is governed by the provisions stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Act (Province of Alberta) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Part 4 Records management of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP)

Section 64 on the recommendation of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, the Standing Committee may make an order

a) Respecting the management of MTG Healthcare Academy of records in the custody or under the control of the Office of Private Post-Secondary Institute, including their creation, handling, control, organization, retention, maintenance, security, preservation, disposition, alienation and destruction.

b) The consideration under Section 2 Purposes of this Act Sub Section (a)(b)

a. To allow any person a right to access to the records in the custody or under the control of a public body subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out in this Act,

b. To control the manner in which a public body may collect personal information from individuals, to control the use that a public body may make of that information and to control the disclosure by a public body of that information.

c)  The relation to Section 4 (2) in this section and Sections 23(1)(b) and 94(1)(n), “governing body” Sub Sections (a)(b)(c)

a. in relation to a university, means the board of governors or the general faculties council as described in the Post-Secondary Learning Act,

b. in relation to a public college, means the board of governors or the academic council as described in the Post-Secondary Learning Act, and

c. in relation to a technical institute, means the board of governors or the academic council as described in the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

d) Request of records, relation to Part 1 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Division 1 Obtaining Access to Records. How to make a request Section 7(1)(2)(3). Sub Sec (a)(b).

7(1) to obtain access to a record, a person must make a request to the public body that the person believes has custody or control of the record.

  (2) a request must be in writing and must provide enough detail to enable the public body to identify the record.

  (3) in a request, the application may ask

(a)   for a copy of record, or
(b)   to examine the record

e) Personal Information Section 1 Definition (n) Sub Sections (i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)(vii)(viii)(ix)

1. The individual’s name, home or business address or home or business telephone number,

2. The individual’s race. National or ethnic origin, color or religious or political beliefs or associations,

3. The individual’s age, sex, marital status or family status,

4. An identifying number, symbol or other particular assigned to the individual’

5. The individual’s fingerprints, other biometric information or inheritable characteristics,

6. Information about the individual’s health and health care history including information about a physical and mental disability,

7. Information about the individual’s educational, financial, employment or criminal history including criminal records where a pardon has been given,

8. Anyone else’s opinions about the individual, and

9. The individual’s personal views or opinions except if the are about someone else;

f) Access to records Section 13(1)(2) sub section (a)(b)

1. if an applicant is told under section 12(1) that access will be granted, the head of the public body must comply with this section.

2. If the applicant has asked for a copy of a record and the record can reasonably be reproduced,

(a) A copy of the record or part of it must be provided with the response, or
(b) The applicant must be given reasons for any delay in providing the copy.

g) Part 2 Protection of Privacy. Division 2 Use and Disclosure of Personal Information by Public Bodies. Use of personal information. Section 39(1) Sub Sections (a)(b)(c)

39(1) A public body may use personal information only

a. for the purpose for which the information was collected or compiled or for a use consistent with that purpose,

b. if the individual the information is about has identified the information and consented, in the prescribed manner, to the use, or

c. for a purpose for which that information may be disclosed to the public body under Sections 40, 42 or 43.


The Transcript of Records (TOR) is a confidential document.  As such it cannot be sent by fax or email.  Since the signature of the student or alumni is required before any record is released by the Office of the Registrar, requests should be done personally, by mail or by fax bearing the signature of the requesting student or alumni.  Authorization letter may be required if the requesting individual cannot personally file the request and/or receive the document from the School Registrar.

There are no fees for issuance of transcripts.  However, all students pay a one-time transcript fee at the time of their registration with the Academy.

All students currently enrolled in the institution enjoy the privilege of securing certification of enrolment anytime during the academic year.  They may request for a copy or copies of their temporary Transcript of Records issued for evaluation purposes.  Official Transcript of Records are issued only to graduates of the Academy and to any institution or company for purposes of employment, continuance of studies (transferees) or for further studies.

An official request form from MTG Healthcare Academy must be completed and sent or mailed to this address-

The Registrar
MTG Healthcare Academy
Suite 100, 1324 36 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 8S1


It is important to note that the Office of the Registrar is more precise in protecting the privacy of the student data entrusted to it than the law requires. The School Registrar will only release information per written consent of, and only as specified, by the student.

A student who is not in agreement with having his/her records of information released should make inquiry about the request procedure at the Office of the Registrar.   If such a petition is filed and should a potential employer make inquiries about the student, the School Registrar will be unable to confirm school attendance or school status without the student’s consent.

The Office of the Registrar will issue replacement documents and certificates that have been damaged or lost or for change of name reason.  The student must provide official proof of a name change by filing a Name Change Affidavit. There will be a fee for replacement of official documents or certificates.


MTG Healthcare Academy prides itself in being a multi-cultural healthcare-training institution.

Even though students may have a different first language, MTG Healthcare Academy is devoted to providing a conducive environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected.

As such, it is the policy of the Academy that English is the only language spoken on MTG Healthcare Academy property and during MTG hours when off property.  This includes lunch and break times.

MTG Healthcare Academy requires that everybody speaks English at all time.


MTG Healthcare Academy believes that the instructional process is essential and views the unjustified cancellation of classes as a very serious matter.  The Academy’s goal is to avoid cancellation or rescheduling of a class but a rare occasion will present itself whereby the school will be required to cancel or reschedule a class.

If a class is cancelled, the school’s policy is to individually notify all students enrolled in that class about the cancellation of the class and alternatives open to the students.

If the reason for the cancellation of the class is the sudden unavailability of the scheduled instructor of that class, the school management will make every effort to find a substitute instructor.  The same syllabus and textbook that were originally assigned for the class would be used by the substitute instructor.

If the reason for the cancellation of the class is due to inclement weather, every attempt will be made to announce this decision at least one (1) day in advance to accommodate those faculty members and students who travel to the campus from a distance.


An incident report is a tool that documents any event that may or may not have caused injuries to a person or damage to a company asset.  Incident reports can also be used as safety documents which indicate potential risks and uncontrolled hazards found in the workplace.

The reporting of incidents helps with the process of identifying the causes of such incidents from which lessons can be learned and control measures put in place to reduce the risk of recurrence.

The management of MTG Healthcare Academy request the cooperation of everybody in the Academy community to RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to an incident by NOTIFYING the Instructor (if the incident occurs inside the classroom) or the Reception Staff or any Academy Staff on duty.

Once the immediate response is done, an on-site incident investigation should be conducted by a designated school authority or team.

An INCIDENT REPORTING FORM is secured from the Reception Staff, filled up, completed and submitted to the school authority in attendance during the incident.


MTG Healthcare Academy is committed to a health and safety program that protects our employees, our students, our guests, and the school property.  The Academy’s health and safety measures are aimed at an atmosphere that promotes fit and injury-free workplace for the school employees and learning center for the students.

•  The school equipment will only be used by the students under supervision. Once a student has demonstrated an acceptable skill set in using the device/equipment, he/she may use this by himself.

•  The Academy management has installed internal security cameras in all the three campuses. After evening classes or during inclement weather conditions, the students and Instructor(s) should leave the Academy all together to ensure everybody’s safety.

•  Smoking and possession of cigarettes within 50 meters of the Academy premises is prohibited.

•  Possession and drinking of liquor and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Academy premises.

•  Entering the Academy under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants should be avoided.

•  The school administration shall never tolerate any display of behavior of anyone that puts others in the academic community at risk and uncomfortable. An act such as swearing foul language, name calling, discrimination, disrespectful gestures, physical or sexual aggression, any activity which inflects harm or physical injury upon others, or manifestations of rude behavior, shall be dealt with accordingly by the school administration.


In the event a partnership agreement is terminated between MTG Healthcare Academy and the Government of Alberta, a thirty-day advance written notice is sent to each student and the authorized representative of the Government of Alberta.

The MTG Healthcare Academy management will conduct an individual interview with all students and offer a support instrument to enable students transfer to another HCA school.

In instances when the Academy is affected by flood or any weather patter which affects the school premises and renders it unsafe for use and occupancy, contingency plans as follows would be immediately implemented:

1. Alternate venues would be secured.
2. Processes to obtain new equipment would be in place.
3. Student records are kept on file electronically and can be accessed to.
4. Student contract information is kept electronically and securely and will be used in any emergency to communicate with all the students.