Welcome to MTG Healthcare Academy. We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to embark on a transformative educational journey with us. As you consider enrolling in our esteemed Health Care Aide [HCA] Certificate, Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk/Medical Transcriptionist [MOA/UC/MT] Diploma, Physiotherapist Assistant/Rehabilitation Assistant [PTA/RA] Diploma, Massage Therapy [MT] Diploma, Advanced Massage Therapy [AMT] Diploma, Developmental Service Worker [DSW] Diploma, Addition and Community Support Worker [ACSW] Diploma, Early Childhood Education [ECE- Upcoming Course] Programs, know that you are entering an inclusive and innovative learning environment. Our dedicated faculty and comprehensive student services are tailored to support your academic and personal growth. At MTG Healthcare Academy, we celebrate diversity and strive to create a vibrant community that values your unique perspectives. From advanced facilities to specialized programs, we are committed to providing you with the tools and experiences necessary for success in the dynamic field of healthcare and education. We look forward to welcoming you to our diverse and supportive community and helping you achieve your aspirations in the healthcare and education sectors.


  1. AHCA – Alberta Health Care Aide Certificate [32 Weeks]
  2. MOA/UC/MT – Medical Office Assistant/Unit Clerk/Medical Transcriptionist Diploma [54 Weeks]
  3. PTA/RA – Physiotherapist Assistant/Rehabilitation Assistant Diploma [53 Weeks]
  4. MT – Massage Therapy Diploma [57 Weeks]
  5. AMT – Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma [113 Weeks]
  6. DSW – Developmental Service Worker Diploma [54 Weeks]
  7. ACSW – Addiction and Community Support Worker Diploma [54 Weeks]
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