• Student Services Program seeks to – 
  1. promote the welfare of the students by providing relevant services that respond to their needs such as individualized academic remedial sessions to help those are not doing well in the assessment, and 
  2. assist students in their decision-making process and the development and refinement  interpersonal and social relations.

The program includes: 

  1. student orientation that provides information dissemination on the school policies and regulations; 
  2. career-focused events provide in service training on relevant program certifications, job search preparation, interview skills exercises, resume and cover letter writing skills practice, and success coaching; 
  3. medical benefit provides first aid treatment; 
  4. auxiliary services provide access to the use of MTG transport vehicle.
  • Academic advising is an avenue to assist students to complete their programs of study within the prescribed length of time. It also helps prevent academic deficiencies. Academic advisers or instructors should extend utmost assistance and guidance to their students in need of advising. Advisers keep academic advising confidential by safekeeping in the Program Coordinator’s office what transpired during advising. Advisers identify academic strengths and weaknesses of advisees and for unresolved issues refer them to the higher authority in school. The School Administrator sees to it that academic advising is properly carried out in each campus. 

  • International students can work up to 20 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week is a violation of the student’s study permit conditions. The student can lose his/her student status for doing this and may not be approved for a study or work permit in the future. The student may also have to leave the country. 

  • Access to School Records

The office of the Registrar is precise in protecting the privacy of the student information and will only release student information per written consent of and only as specified by the student. Should a potential employer make inquiry about a student, the school shall not provide any information if that student is not in agreement with having his/her records released. For whatever reason a student is permitted to personally see his/her school records in the presence of the Registrar or authorized school staff. 

  1. Access to counseling support in the community are as follows:
  1. Access to health and social service support in the community are as follows:
  1. Access to academic support and career counselling services to newcomers are as follows:
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